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  • I highly recommend this extension. I use it since the early versions and the creator is always developing it. Can't wait for other Google service's support.
  • Un design sublime, on a plaisir à ce connecter lire ces mails
  • it simply can't be sexier.

    A real must have.
  • thank you for Turkish localization
  • thank you for Turkish localization
  • It is good but is buggy. Often FF crashes when this is installed. Otherwise it is very good. I have uninstalled it and waiting for a stable version.
  • Heavy design and too much changes with original Gmail. I use the better "Gmail Mobile me theme" http://userstyles.org/styles/12286
  • Heavy design and too much changes with original Gmail. I use the better "Gmail Mobile me theme" http://userstyles.org/styles/12286
  • Really LOVE the Google and GMAIL redesigned. However, with the latest update on 3/2/09 ... the "starred" items used to be a "RED" star ... now they are "WHITE" ... this makes it hard on the eye to see your starred items easily.
  • Yes, have really liked this sleek look, more comforting to the eyes, but as several users have mentioned, over the past several days it has stopped functioning. The developer is working on a fix. TIP--as an alternative, use the Theme labelled "Shiny." It is soothing to the eyes and aesthetic enough that I just may stay with it...
  • Best looking Google style. Has problems sometimes, but that is understandable when Gmail keeps changing. Developer does a pretty good job keeping up with those changes though. I'd like to see an iGoogle style added as well.
  • Something has happened to this add-on, out of the blue the beautiful gray interface changes to a bland blue and gray. I want my dark gray interface back!!!! Is anyone else having the same issue?
  • gefällt mir sehr gut und bis jetzt gab es auch keine Probleme :) auch unter der Windows 7 Beta alles perfekt...Top Erweiterung
  • Genial !!!
    pero tengo un problema, si entro en greader por los links de google me lleva a http://www.google.es/reader y no sale rediseñado. Si entro en http://www.google.com/reader si funciona. podiais arreglarlo?? Gracias!!
  • Perfect CSS sheets, I love it!
  • Muy buen complemento, se ve fuera de serie g-mail, muy recomendado
  • I like it :)
  • Gmail is fine, but Google.hk is not supported.
    The look remains the same.
    Hope HK people can enjoy this glamorous
    google appearance one day.
  • A mist for anyone who uses g-mail and isnt satisfied with the default themes
  • Very nice ,but I have one issue with it and that is it makes my screen reader sound choppy as FF loads my Gmail home page.Too much going on at one time .
  • excelent but slowdown , page view.
  • SO much better than the default gmail theme or even Google's half-assed new themes. Excellent addon.
  • Slow down Gmail significantly....
  • Fantastic! Can't even use Google without this theme anymore it is that good!