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--It keeps logging me into the wrong Google account, even though I have the preferred account saved under the "Account information" tab. I also tried checking "I have more than one Google account", but it didn't help.
--Once it does log me in, it doesn't take me to "All items" which is what I want.
--I have my "Check frequency" set to 2 minutes, but the feed doesn't really update until I press "r" or click Refresh.
The author then wants five bucks for a broken plugin. Wow.

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First of all sorry for the issues.
Please, if you have issues, report them, there are several ways (you can send email, file bug on the github page, or write into the forum) to tell me what's wrong. I don't know that something isn't working for someone if he doesn't tell me.

I'm always trying to do my best, I'm always listening to the requests. You may noticed Monki Miki's review, just before yours. The mentioned bug has been fixed on the same day, so please don't judge me that hardly.

I'm developing the extension in my free time and I no one is paying for it. The button what you see on the page, is an option. Anyone who likes the extension can send me some money if he wants. I don't want it, I don't expect it. I don't expect anything from anyone who uses the add-on, nor money, nor thanks, only to be fair.
Also, the extension is open source, if you want, you can help to fix the bugs, add new features, I open for every contribution.

Some words about the mentioned issues, if you would give another try for the add-on.
- Are you sure you filled the account data correctly? Please log out from all of your Google account, then click on the icon while the "I have more than one Google account" checkbox is checked.
- When you click on the icon, it will take you to the page. You need to check the Google Reader settings. On the Preferences tab you can find a "Start page" setting. There you can set which folder should be loaded when you open the reader.
- I don't get it. I guess you are pressing the r or clicks on the Refresh while you are on the reader page. That setting defines, that the extension how often should connect to the Google Reader and check how many unread items do you have. The extension won't reload the Reader for you.

Anyway, thank you for the review and have a nice day.