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Me again...Is there any way this can be made to work with Lastpass?As it is, I need to enter my log in details manually in your panel, or use Lastpass to log into Google in the main browser.Still loving it anyway, I think it's definitely a keeper, thank you.

29-6-13; Can't find a way to reply to your reply so I'm just editing to say thanks for your response.

The Lastpass and resize issues aren't enough to spoil this add on, I find myself using it all the time now along with your Calendar add on.

Many thanks for your efforts.

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Hi and thanks for the reviews and feedbacks!
Yes, I know that it doesn't work with LastPass but unfortunately I couldn't find a solution (At least in the way I've developed it).
The need to go into the options to resize the panel is indeed a technical limitation but I'm considering some alternatives.