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First, developers are doing good job with this addon and have almost all popular trackers. Second, this addon is too limited in its functionality to be your first and last level of defence against bugs and trackers. Developers did not include flash-based trackers yet. And Pixel/Picture blocking is relatively poor and regretably is not turned on by default. So, you will still need latest AdblockPlus extension to cover everything else since Ghostery only blocks from 70% of total bugs.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.3.1).  Este usuario tiene otras valoraciones de este complemento.

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Next version of Ghostery, coming soon (v2.4), includes flash-based trackers. Ghostery already supports image tracking pixels, tho the database is sadly light on them. We are working on making it a lot wider, so please do feel free to submit any trackers you find through our getsatisfaction.com/ghostery customer community. Thanks for using Ghostery!