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  • addon opens homepage site which redirects to spam sites

    previously it worked great, sad it spams now, removing

  • This Addon hasn't been updated since 2011 and now it's broken, I hate to say this because I loved GBookmarks, but goodbye and thank you for your service

  • If you didn't install GBM yet, try this.
    1. Login your "Google Bookmarks" account in web, Enter your "Name" and "Password".
    2. Install "GBookmarks" (if you not yet), and restart FIREFOX.
    3. Open GBookmarks menu, IT WORKS! (but I don't know why)

    If you already installed GBM, try this.
    1. Same as above.
    2. Open menu bar, then open GBookmarks "Options".
    3. DISABLE "Remember Password", OK.
    5. Open GBookmarks menu, IT WORKS! (and I still don't know why)

    ... But it still couldn't edit Google Bookmark by gbookmark, so you should open the menu, click "Manage Bookmarks", then log-in and ADD bookmark. It's confused.

  • Please do your homework and REMOVE abandoned add-ons - this software is outdated. Why should people try to install it? It's a complete waste of time. - Anyway, what is your policy with regard to the quality of the contents of this web site?

  • Not Found Error occurred while retrieving from the server!

  • This add on does NOT work. Log in attempts produce the following error: "error occurred when retrieving from the server".

  • It doesn't do anything, but when you click the GBookmarks menu options ( horribly placed after Help / Update ) it creates 3-10 error dialogs that open ~1-3 seconds apart. Incredibly annoying, removing and never using it again.

  • Tried numerous times to get this to work. Does nothing.

  • It is not working with FireFox 57.0, FireFox Quantum .

  • I love this add-on. Google apparently changed something again to break it. Anyone have a fix?

  • Does not log into Google. JavaScript application error.

  • I had posted the other day that this extension is not working with the upgrade to Firefox 26. Nonetheless, my tech friend has given me a fix. If anyone wants the fix; please contact me. It's a little bit of a process, but anyone can do it by carefully following the instructions. I can not post them here; sorry--too much information/steps. I am happy to say... my google toolbar/gbookmarks... is working well!

  • This is a very useful extension for maintaining bookmarks across browsers. The fix by Vitaly works great. I'm deducting 2 stars because this fix NEEDS to be added to the extension itself.

  • Since last firefox update, this not add bookmarks

  • not add bookmarks

  • not add bookmarks

  • @Vitaly I tried your fix, by editing the code myself and by installing the pre-packaged fix that you uploaded, and neither one of them worked. Any Ideas? I would really like for this add-on to work again.

  • What has happened to this plugin? Seems no update for long.

  • I have installed the new GBookmarks 0.7 but when i try to add the bookmarks its not adding up. my firfox verison is 22.0 . please can any body comments on this

  • Here is a link for a packed installation of the fixed add-on.
    You can use it if you can't follow fix steps.

  • Can someone please Upload the fix? I cant handle to fix the corrupted files from Vitaly..

    Just upload it to GDrive an post the link here, uploaded would be fine too. Thank you!

  • This fix works well for me, thanks a lot to Vitaly for restoring this useful Add-on back to life

  • @Vitaly: Thanks for your solution! It works much better now.

  • funktioniert gar nicht!