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  • just mindblowing!

  • Awesome, perfect theme, with a lot of cool options. Thank you!

  • Such a tremendous improvement over the default theme in Linux! It's like washing your car - it feels like it drives a little better when it looks good - a bit of flair every now and then keeps the hacker happy.

    Nice work!

  • What a great theme! Almost every aspect of Firefox is themed to look like Chrome!

    P.S. I know I'm not supposed to post bug reports here, but I can't find the support link...
    On the latest Aurora builds (from 9th March) the tabs have gone transparent and can't be distinguished from the tab bar.

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    thanks George M.

    Version 11.5

  • 现在已经可以显示TMP进度条了。用Moveable Firefox Button将FF菜单按钮移动到工具栏后,圆型的按钮稍微偏大,高度超过地址栏。不过影响不大,基本完美了。

  • looks like chrome!(:

  • Excelente tema que cambiará drasticamente tu navegador, imitando casi en un 90% el fantastico Google chrome. Sin duda alguna, esta apariencia es muy llamativa.

  • Ficou muito bom! Obrigada! (:

  • your theme is so cool!

  • I've noticed in v10.7 the "New Tab" Button is broken. I'm used to have the "New Tab" Button in the Navigations-Symbol Bar, in v10.7 it suddenly looks broken on MouseOver. Other than that it's awesome, so I just downgraded on v10.6 again!
    Fix Pliz? ^_^

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    thank you

  • i just try this theme,
    it's fantastic

  • I am having the same issue of efreak1, I use Arch Linux and the tabs looks ugly. I take a screenshot for you see: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/capturadetelakf.png/

  • Looks great, however now when pinned tabs are highlighted (when their content refreshes), the tab disappears.

  • Nice, although it seems to have made the icons a bit smaller (and I don't have the Use Small Icons option checked). Other than this, I like it.... I'm coming back to FF after having used Chrome for a while, and this is very nice.

  • A very beautiful theme I intend to keep at least for a while. One problem though: in the default theme one's hand could mechanically go for the FFox button since it covers the furthest top left point. Now one needs a bit more of awareness when clicking it. Not important enough to make the user bother customize (with Stylish and whatnot); but still it's annoying!

    About the disappearing tabs: I don't know what the problem is, but it could be that recent versions are actually for Linux. Version 10.1 should work fine for those who have the problem.

  • What font you give on this theme???

    i think the font in add-ons is make this look like Google Chrome...

    Good Font and theme....

  • GoodJob, GeiLi.

  • the main color can be changed

  • With customization options added by the styles, this should satisfy everyone!

  • great, smooth, but it does not integrate wll with gnome - specially dark themes - hope it gets gtk3 asap. mercì!

  • When I scroll the AOM it is not smooth. I've encountered this with other themes. Any chance you could improve this?

  • Just so you know, I have found that my full screen problem (reported earlier) went away when I turned Hardware acceleration off.

  • THANKS!!!

  • Whenever I use this theme, all the tabs disappear along the tab bar, except the current tab. I have to guess were the other tabs are and click and hope for the best!!

    Shame because I really liked it, especially how you can use your favourite persona with - really cool..

  • please implement the "hide forward button" feature introduced by firefox 10, not a big deal though, but I find it quite nifty ;)