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Firefox's defaults looks are crappy but Chrome's is so simple and amazing, however 99% of Chrome's addons are bookmark links to websites and essentially pointless, nothing compared to Firefox's. Before this addon existed we had to settle for all the crappy horrid themes that tried to look like Chrome but werent even close

Now, thanks to the amazing work of dgko we can finally have the brains of Firefox with the looks of Chrome :D thank you!!! the entire community thanks you for making these amazing themes, although the theme section on Mozilla's addon page is in the thousands the majority are rubbish and look antiquated and suited for Windows95, for years i never thought id see uncluttered/non cartoonish themes on here (with the exception of the old Foxdie themes that arent updated anymore and NASA Night Launch and FTDeepDark) and that lame excuses for themes called "personas" (which are nothing more than background pics) would be the future, thanks to this theme i can use Firefox again without barfing or regretting that im not using Chrome.

I cannot show my gratitude enough to the author to show how much i love this theme :') thank you dgko, you're the best, your themes are the golden standard that every theme author on here has to look up to, keep up the amazing work that you do <3

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