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  • It's not working on newer Firefox...
  • 1111111111111111
  • I miss this... :'c
  • Сделайте для новой мазилы пожалуйста
  • 最新的firefox版本已经将这个主题定义为旧的不能再使用的主题,因为非常喜欢这个主题,所以不知道作者还会不会来更新,非常期待啦
  • Dont work for firefox quantum :( Fix it please.
  • Please Update to support for Firefox 57 (Quantum). Otherwise really nice theme.
  • quantum not support the theme that change all UI, so fxchrome will not update forever?
  • 新版本不能用了, 后续还会更新吗
  • 主题定义为旧的不能再使用的主题,因为非常喜欢这个主题,希望更新。
  • Аккуратный внешний вид от Chrome в удобном Firefox.
  • Would really appreciate an update for Quantum! Thanks
  • Please make it available for 57+

  • Please also update to Firefox 57
  • When is the support going to be added on Firefox Quantum (v57)?
    There are many users who might want to move from Chrome to Firefox Quantum.
  • any plans on adding support for the new quantum update? missing the theme already
  • Please update for firefox 57 !!! Thanks !!!
  • I love how i change Firefox to an Opera-like style or Chrome/Chromium-like style with your minimal and clean themes.

    I currently using your themes on Firefox 52 ESR, but I appreciate that update them for Firefox57+ in future

    Thanks master ;)
  • *need to update for new Firefox versions... other than that, all smooth!

    -can you please fork one version that has white background behind tabs? I always have a weird contour on top-right around the min/max/close buttons, because my windows has a white theme and the bluish tint of the background goes around it.
  • I love your theme! Thanks for making it compatible :-)
  • Firefox 56
    fxchrome 56.1
    lightweightThemes.isThemeSelected is set to true.
    Personas is out of function
  • I don't know how else to contact the developer, but the new Firefox version (55.0.3) has caused the tabs to leave no room for the window bar. Now there's no access to resize the window when maximized or restored down. See link.
    My favorite Firefox theme has been sullied by the new addons platform! Please help!
  • Couldn't find a better way to report you a bug, so here it goes.
    Windows 10, Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit).
    Tabs gain height when dragging them.
    Youtube video about the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv2eST1Bnyo
  • The only thing that bothers me is that is 5px higher than original, which makes it more unique for browser fingerprinting.
    Is there any way you can crush those few pixels to be as high as default?
    Thank you anyway for this theme
  • A very clean and sharp theme that works well on all platforms. I would LOVE to see it for the new FF57 (Nightly 57.) It would look great with all the new UI elements, and the permanent forward button.