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This would be amazing if I could get the same functionally cycling through tabs while using the mouse wheel. It's the only feature I ever missed in Opera that has never been recreated in any other browser.

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I totally agree with you that this is one of the most handy features - I currently use it via the Add-On "FireGestures" for Firefox, which works great. This is also the reason I did not implement it in this add-on - the feature was "already there" for me, as I use FireGestures for a long time now and got used to it...

But however, when I have time, I will do an overhaul of this add-on with an options dialog and fixing some small things which made this version not pass the Full Review (really only some minor things). And maybe I'll also implement the tab wheel scrolling in the course of this. The problem is that I currently don't have enough time for either... but feel free to check back, some day the time will come :-)

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