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I thought I'd give FVD speed dial a try out, as I liked the idea of syncing speed dials on both my PCs.

First I discover that to do this requires another add on, being this Eversync, which I duly installed.

First off I'm unimpressed by basic spelling mistakes in one of the dialog windows ("Increate" where it should say "Increase"). I know that English isn't everybody's first language and I very much appreciate that devs translate their add-ons into English, but failure to check such basic content properly does not instill a lot of confidence.

I went to report this, and found myself on yet another site I'd never heard of which required me to log in via Google or create yet another account just to point out this basic error in the add on.

After which I returned to Eversync only to find that I have far too many bookmarks to be synced without upgrading my account.

I liked the look of these add ons but I think I'll be sticking with XMarks, the original and best Speed Dials, and my flash drive for syncing it.

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