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Speed Dial FVD - New Tab ~ AWESOME SAUCE! Does exactly what I need.

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Mozilla is one of my Favorite Websites to use love it

FVD Speed Dial Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Great add-on, one of the best speed dialers

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Muy buen producto.

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It just works, do you need more?

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I've been testing speed dials/start pages for what feels like forever, trying to find the coolest and, more importantly, most useful one. First off, I've noticed NO slow downs caused by FVD SD on Firefox, Pale Moon, or Ice Dragon. The speed dial contender, New Tabs Plus, is very cool looking, but not very useful, since creating custom dials is a huge pain (having to manually resize images that "you find" to fit on the current button size"... not to mention, the weather (a cool feature this one doesn't offer, yet... hint hint) doesn't read the geolocation for North America accurately (worse yet, ALL of your customizing will be for nothing, when it inevitably reverts back to the default settings.. an ignored bug, so far). My biggest gripe with FVD Speed Dial was the Yahoo search engine (almost as worthless as Yahoo Answers) and how crowded it looks with the search engine off. But, they've fixed it with an infospace engine that, after a few trial runs, find the results comparable to any quality engine (e.g. useful). I would've recommended making a deal with one of the smaller niche' engines, but hopefully this was an affordable route, too. The only thing remaining is... how to make it look as cool as New Tab Plus? Simple, first off... make it a personal policy to always choose dial graphics that have colored or transparent backgrounds (ensures a nice look for the light and dark themes). Then, you can use the same free wallpaper site, as New Tab Plus (www.like5.com)... find your desired wallpaper and either copy it's URL or download (recommend) it, then add it to the FVD background. Although FVD doesn't have dial transparency, you can turn the dials on and off, as you need them, by double-clicking the background... giving you a nice full view of your chosen graphic, when not needing the dials.

That makes FVD the clear winner here, but I would recommend they think of adding a transparency option, so the dials are not visible (or partially), unless the mouse hovers over the main area, causing them to appear.... and down-the-road, perhaps a few simple widgets, such as local weather, Google calendar event alerts, interfaces with other Google and Microsoft services (both should offer free API's in their development sections), and etc.

Better stay on your toes, though... if New Tab Plus ever decides to put effort into improving their user customizing, North America compatibility, and protecting user settings, this top spot could easily be lost.

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Excellent, What i need exactly.

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i used to really love this because it's very convenient but it's getting really slow and it pretty much slowed down the browser to the point that it hangs every few seconds and i had to disable the add on just to get firefox to run normally again. please optimize the add on, and if possible it will be better if i didn't have to install another add on just to sync all the information.

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I don't understand what inability to remove the search bar some users here are complaining about. The search bar can be easily removed in options - "Disable Search".

declining Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

A great plug in that's growing increasingly slow and irritating to use in the last few updates as the focus seems to be less on functionality and more on how to encourage users to pay for separate synchronization abilities, and use the gigantic and redundant search bar (which can't be removed, and gets priority space over your own content) so they can get a few extra cents from you.

Search bar can be disabled Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

For everyone who complains about the search bar: just use Stylish! All dialogs in Firefox are customizable. Here's my style: https://gist.github.com/Athari/1c147ba151cd045c7b91 Adjust to your needs (you can leave only the first selector group, obviously).

A good plugin overall, but opening new tabs becomes annoyingly slow. Would be great if more time was spent on optimization.

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Great... but... cells per column Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Great addon, but I think it would be great if you could configure the number of cells per column.

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Love it! We've got all our favourite webpages saved in various tabs, making it dead easy to get to the pages we use most often (and a few we only use occasionally!). Even better, I was able to sync our tabs between our old and new computers using EverSync (which I'd also recommend!).

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Was a 10 out of 10 until a massive search bar was added as spy ware that you can't get rid of!! probably to make a few pennies, get rid of the new unresolvable intrusive obnoxious annoying massive search bar in the speed dial area Please give the option to remove it.

Пока не могу понять Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

Выглядит красиво. Синхронизирует, вроде даже. НО !! Два компа, вход с одной учёткой, а синхронизации нет. Только каждый с облаком. То-ли я не понял, то-ли не работает.

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Undoubtedly the best way to start a webpage. Much easier to use than regular bookmarks and visually intuitive since you can recognize a webpage faster than reading a bookmark. It's become my default way of surfing.
And with the new export and import function of the tiles, it's so easy to import your personal tiles into other devices.
A really well-thought add-on.

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Давненько не пользовался Speed Dial, сегодня установил - и возрадовался :). Разработчики шагнули. Учтены (по крайней мере мои) недоработки, повысилось удобство работы, прозрачность настроек. Спасибо вам за ваш труд. Отличная работа!

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Amazing addon

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