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  • ¡Excelente! Debería ser un tema oficial de Firefox. Por su calidad, se lo merece.
  • Sangat puas memakai aplikasi ini
  • Très joli.
  • Muy bonito, me encanta
  • Es uno de los mejores temas de Firefox
  • I love classic Firefox and this is in a way modern classic. Awesome job!
  • quick loading,
    uber cool,
    smooth finish
    so I heart it!
  • I like it. I love it.
  • Go on! The best Thema that i have seen☺☻!!!
  • I love it.. realy beautiful theme ;)
  • Me gusta mucho, la combinación de colores es una mezcla entre sobrio y colorido. Y aunque se adapta bastante bien al navegador, en la parte superior las líneas de degradado no armonizan completamente con la forma del navegador y las pestañas de la izquierda. Esta valoración es basada en mi experiencia con una mini laptop.
  • I have started using Firefox a bit more lately and came across your theme. It is clean and goes well with the browser, but I do think a little smaller would make it showcase your work a bit more, but other than that it proves you have a good eye for detail and your concept is a clever one.
  • I would prefer the Firefox in theme to be smaller, because I feel it would showcase the design better.
  • Nice theme
  • Excellent Design Nice work
  • It is the best theme super very design,tank you!
  • (Furfox Tail Twister) Double checked, there's nothing exactly like it on the net. Use this theme on more than one (1+) Windows PC computer! Color scheme is different but noticably easy to view.
  • It is the best theme I have ever seen!!
  • I Like It. Usable and Firefoxable ! Thanks From Russia !
  • Nice. Colours are pretty good, and not too distracting, and doesn't hinder widget readability.