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I love this theme, but find it annoying how when restoring a previous session of Firefox the tabs do not properly adopt the new style until after I click on them and allow them to load.

Edit: Ok, it seems that Tab Mix Plus was the issue. Since I had selected highlight unread tabs as well as highlight unloaded tabs and that unread tabs looked fine, I assumed it wouldn't be causing the unloaded issue either. When I checked customize styles though, I realized that unloaded tabs were the only ones set to have a different background instead of just different style text. I switched away from the defaults to make unloaded tabs instead underline the text and leave the background alone, and now it works great.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (10.3.8). 

I don't see what you mean. On my computer, tabs are always styled the way it should, no matter if the page is loaded or not. Maybe you are using "Tab Mix Plus" or another add-on which can affect tabs display and override what I set in my theme ? If yes, then there are big chances it is the cause of the issue.

By the way, in the add-on description I took time to write what to do when facing an issue. If you didn't read that part, please have a look at it and follow the steps. If what suggested doesn't work, please use the support link (not the review section) and provide the needed informations.