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Love everything; I just kinda wish I could have tabs in the title bar with this theme since it's supported in Firefox now.

edit: and the inspector/console/etc.

Whoops, forgot about the inspector settings. Thanks!

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (10.3.8). 

Tabs are in title bar when the window is maximized (see this image : http://i.imgur.com/GxYwwwW.png), but when the window is resized I couldn't set it the same way, because of technical limitations which create aesthetic issues (it is not possible to do anything we want with themes). If I want the tabs in title bar when the window is resized and to keep at same time the black tabs bar background it doesn't match with the default windows 7 caption buttons (which can't be customized the same way as when the window is maximized because it breaks the windows 7 glass top left and right border corners).

Concerning the "inspector tool", I don't see what you mean. If you mean that it should be styled in dark color, it already is. Just that it's up to the user to chose if he/she wants the light or dark theme for the developer tools (by default Firefox sets the light theme, but you can switch it easily). There is an option to change the theme. Just have a look at this image and you ll see how to set it : http://i.imgur.com/fePSWla.png