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I've been using this theme on and off for some time now. Without a doubt, my favorite parts are the bookmarks menu and the background of About:Newtab. The icons used in the bookmarks menu are phenomenal, and before I used this theme I *always thought* that those icons were horrid and could be closer to what this theme makes them. That is, more rectangular, more vertically 'aligned' so that the whole thing just looks more structured, so that the nested levels are clearer, and to offset the chaos of the random site icons.

Precise pixel art. Pleasingly neutral, low contrast font and background colors. The expand/collapse [+][-] icons are equally perfect. It's well organized and a work of beauty. Subtle, minimalist icons, minimalist color palette. Everything is either a 0 saturation black/gray/white, or shade of a vibrant 0x00ADEE blue.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (9.5.3). 

Thank you very much for your nice and detailed review about about my add-on :) I am glad that you appreciate my work