This theme is great, but about the old scroll-bar... Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Thank you very much for an excellent theme. It's my favorite, and the only one I find worth using. I've been using it for about half a year now.
I wanted to comment on the scroll-bar. At first, I was upset about the transparency like everyone else; but very quickly (in less than twenty minutes) I got used to it. The very next day, I couldn't imagine FT DeepDark without it. Later, I saw another update, but this time, the opaque scroll-bar returned. I was upset about that. It was funny how I felt like resisting further updates TWICE within just a few days.
I tried to find some way to keep the transparency, and I found that you made it a style. That made me happy. Thanks. I think for anyone who didn't like the scroll-bar at first should give it a second try. Try it out for a few days. I think it is a definite improvement to the theme: the whole point is for it to be a "sleek substitute", right? The opaque bar is sort of clunky in comparison.
Anyway, I hope that in future versions of the theme, the transparent scroll-bar will again be a native functionality; this time, hopefully, forever.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (9.2.1). 

Thanks for the review :)

Concerning the scrollbars, I also prefer the translucent one and I would have loved to make them a native functionality, but what prevented me to do it is the fact that they cause issues which I can't fix. But seeing I like them very much, I was sorry to have to remove them so I created a userstyle for those who are not disturbed by the few issues.

The main problem was that the transparent scollbars make the webpages menu dropdown arrows to not display anymore (which is quite annoying) and also you can t click on the scrollbar by simply hitting the extreme right side of the screen because of the 2 pixels gap. You can also add the fact that the scollbars can be over some clickable webcontents and then you can't click on those elements because the scrollbar is above it.

For my personal use those issues were not a problem, but I was not feeling comfortable to make native a functionality which I m conscious that it can cause issues. The userstyle is a very good solution, because you can disable and enable it easily without you need to restart the browser and it works just as fine as the function was native. Didn't notice any difference in behavior between when the scrolls were native or not. Only thing which may disturb users is the fact that they need to install another add-on to use my styles. Personally I already had "stylish" add-on installed so it changed nothing.