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Didn't expected i'll find such a perfect black theme, it's almost impossible to find them, they are almost always made wrong in some way or another.
I would certainly love if you port your firefox theme to gtk2 or gtk3. Shouldn't be very hard.

The only little thing that IMHO needs to be done - is the ability to disable animations. (Maybe they aren't animations really, but css3 features.) Not sure if anybody else but me needs that though.

Thank you.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (8.4). 

Thank you for your nice review :) I m glad you appreciate my work. I would love to port it to Gtk2 and 3, but I would need to learn to do it and unluckily I don t have so much possibility for that. Plus then I ll have one more theme to maintain and actually I can t do more than what I am already doing. I m still maintaining 2 themes for Fx, 1 for TB, few user styles and it s taking me already lots of time (exclusively free one). Maybe one day I will do that too, when conditions will be more favorable for it. I also would love to create a fully customized Windows theme and few more skins for other softwares.