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¿Por qué se creó FoxyScrobbler?

I decided to come up with FoxyScrobbler when I learnt that (a website that scrobbles songs that you listen on Pandora) was being shut down, as it's development had come to a grinding halt, and that the original developer had little time to contribute to it. There was also no such add-on for Firefox, while Google Chrome had a few.

While tinkering with Firefox add-on development and going through a few XUL tutorials, I suddenly had a thought, "why not support other music sites as well, instead of just Pandora?" There began my month long journey of going through hordes of XUL and Firefox add-on-specific documentation, figuring out how to extract song information from different sites, reading the API documentation. After one long month of wrangling with these subjects, and after thorough testing, here is my first (of many, I hope!) Fireox add-on!

Cuál es el futuro de FoxyScrobbler

In the near future, FoxyScrobbler will support even more music sites, such as Google Music, Spotify, BandCamp, MySpace, Amazon etc.

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Nombre Balu Vaithinathan
Ubicación Madras, India
Ocupación Freelance Web & Mobile apps developer
Usuario desde April 25, 2013
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