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Good, but currently have a nasty bug: for some reason it disables FF built-in protection from bad redirects, which leads to memory-eating freezes. This happens even with "completely disable FoxyProxy" set in menu, as long as the addon itself is not disabled (then FF starts to report an endless redirect correctly).

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (4.1.4). 

Thanks for the review and the bug report. Could you give us an example which lets us reproduce your issue?

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Cool, but interface has a pair of annoying "features":

Ctrl-F2 hotkey is completely unnecessary, given that there are context menu, statusbar indicator menu, extensions setup menu, and it leads to, well, proxy options to begin with. But it blocks FlashGot, which really does need a hotkey.

The little nag screen about different security setups doesn't go away no matter whether checkbox was set or not and pops up every time.
edit: security warning about different cache/cookie setup popped up every time, but it's probably not (or not only) FoxyProxy bug, because in that profile i had other little glitches, and in the new profile it's gone.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (3.6.2). 

Questions for you

Hi TBeholder,
Thanks for the review. Ctrl+F2 is there for people who don't like to use the mouse. But are you saying FlashGot uses the same hotkey? I can change the Ctrl+F2 to something else.

Concerning the nag screen: I do not know which screen you're referring to... "different security setups". Can you explain? Perhaps include some of the text of the screen?

Eric Jung