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as ever, wonderful theme! i just updated to ff3.6 and foxscape 3.03.
but, i encounter some problems in customizing userChrome.css.

for some reason following templates dont work anymore:
this remove_seperators_between_toolbars - line, add_scrollbars_to_the_bookmark_menu also doesnt work.
there are no scrollbars in this booksmarks-menu, but i absolutly love this feature!

and i'm also missing this cylone-style progressbar. (Bouncing_status_bar_progress_meter)

so how can i make these templates work?
when everything works again, you get a maximum rating, as always...

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (3.03).  Este usuario tiene otras valoraciones de este complemento.

userChrome.css changes...

I believe that you are having difficulty with the subskins due to the changes I made, as stated in the History section of the readme ( see: chrome://browser/skin/readme ):

Renamed *_in_FF3.css subskins to *_Fx.css
Renamed several subskins to improve naming consistency and clarity

So, the following subskin names in the new userChrome.css template ( see: chrome://browser/skin/config ):


were the following in the prior version of the theme.


You should use the new template and uncomment the lines that are similar to the ones you already uncommented in your modified copy from the prior version. This way you will also see the new subskins that are available.

I apologize for not making a more obvious statement on the main page alerting users to this. My expectation is that you would read the new readme (I know it is quite long) and start over with the template modifications. I do not expect that I will be changing the names of existing subskins in future versions, so you can continue to use your existing modified template copy, without difficulty, when new versions are released.

I do not know what is wrong with the cylon style progress meter on your installation. I believe that I did not change that subskin name. Please make sure that the subskin name is one of the following


It works just fine on my installation.

Please email me with further technical support issues if they arise.