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Please tell me: where the data of this add-on is stored?

I recently (two days ago, before update) lost new entries in the crash FF. Here is a more accurate description of how it was: I added a new records, and left the add-on by clicking the "Close" button. After a few minutes FF is crashed, and when I ran it again, those records were not exists in the that place.

UPD: 1). Okay! Thanks! 2). I understood why my data was lost: because FF writes preferences to disk only when the user shut down the browser. 3). Sorry, but I do not use Google accounts.

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Hi, this place is for reviews, not for bug reporting. For bug reports please go to https://code.google.com/p/foxreplace/issues/list and create a new issue.

But, answering your question, the data is stored in preferences. You can see it in about:config and looking for extensions.foxreplace.substitutionListJSON.