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(Sorry for my bad English)After updating today lost all existing rules. Good thing I kept ahead with exports. Too bad that now addon can not load a previously saved rules: do import - and the silence - nothing happens. On start browser it alert message about bad JSON format: "Error while processing JSON:SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data" Uninstall and reinstallation is not helped. :-(

upd: I Fix (!!!) this error: I maked new rules, exit FF, run FF, remove some rules and select "clean", exit FF, run FF, import my rules - and this work again!!! Happy end! :)

Please fix another old-old (many months) error: if FF-browser is breaks, new rules, that added in this session - not saved. (That is why, in order to base saved in my profile, I turn off and turn on the browser.)

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Very strange error and solution, what happened to you. I hope it isn't a general problem. If you encounter another error, please post it to

About your second error, when you close the FoxReplace options window everything should be saved permanently (or discarded if you click Cancel). If it goes away then if Firefox crashes, then I can't do nothing because when the options window is closed, the rest is managed by Firefox itself.