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One of the very few Firefox add-ons to handle Firefox DOM storage. Works perfectly well.

My hopes for Xmas :
1- A toolbar button ;
2- A switch on the add-on's GUI to enable/disable DOM storage (at this time, only "" setting in about:config) ;
3- Cherry on the cake : a whitelist for "permission to store" on a per-site basis.

I'm thinking of a whitelist rather than blacklist because sites that require to be "true" are, in my experience, seldom. I encountered 2 sites that will not perform without DOM storage (be it with Firefox or IE) : and, , both mappers. Strange enough, both require DOM storage but neither stores whatever data !

EDIT: Firefox's about:home search engine feature won't run without DOM storage as well.

Thanks Santa, more seriously, thanks to the author(s) of "Foundstone HTML5 Local Storage Explorer"