Conoce al desarrollador de Fotofox

¿Por qué se creó Fotofox?

We created this add-on initially to help a friend test his site API for photo upload. Then I added Flickr and other sites. Later Mozilla hired us to add more features and have it as a showcase add-on for the Firefox 2 release. Now it is no longer a Mozilla sponsored project, and is in maintenance mode. We are continuing to fix bugs and add new services and features.

Cuál es el futuro de Fotofox

Possible future features include video upload, audio upload, addition of more photo services, localisation, picture downloading, rotation and basic picture editing, upload to multiple albums and multiple services at once .... as well as ongoing maintenance and bug fixing.

Acerca del desarrollador

Información del desarrollador
Nombre Briks Software
Ocupación Add-on Development, and More
Usuario desde March 5, 2007
Número de complementos desarrollados 14 complementos
Calificación media de los complementos del desarrollador Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

¿Quién es Briks Software?

Briks is a software company dedicated to helping clients develop and deploy Web Applications. The current company focus is on Mozilla applications. Briks builds extensions and themes for Firefox, Firefox Mobile, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla-based products. We also work on XULRunner applications, which covers the whole stack of Mozilla technologies.