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  • Works nice. I'm not quite sure how to use the form-filling option with its form control highlighting but no matter. It's a handy tool.
  • This is an essential add-on
  • I was looking for a similar add-on.
    Thank you for your excellent work.
  • Very slick add-on. Works beautifully and is customizable to the Nth degree.
  • good
  • Very slick, and light years beyond the capabilities of a certain 800-pound gorilla's browser's abilities. It would be nice to be able to protect the exported xml with strong encryption to make viewing it impossible except from within the Form History Control add-on (I know... yet another menu item! Does it never end?)
  • Excellent, exactly what I was looking for. I think the option to hide login form should be password protected though. That way someone cannot just easily disable it in the option menu.
    No worry, only the username-field is revealed, passwords themselves never show up in the formhistory. So I believe password protection is unnecessary.
  • Excellent! This addon does exactly what I wanted—even better, if anything. Clean up unwanted entries from your form history (incorrect email addresses which then constantly pop up as suggestions).

    Highly recommended!
  • Brilliant! One of the best add-ons. A must for everyone.
  • Благодарю, очень удобный инструмент для очистки истории форм.
  • Благодарю, очень удобный инструмент для очистки истории форм.
  • can this like lazarus save entire forum posts through exiting and restarting a given firefox profile? That extension and yours clearly serve two audiences but I wager your bits might make archiving forum history easier by date-, user-, domain-, etc

  • This is awesome!
    I've been looking for this addon for soooo long.
  • I have been frustrated by the inability to clean up form fields in FF 3.x and finally went looking for a function or tool to do what I wanted. This add-on is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks.
  • I have been frustrated by the inability to clean up form fields in FF 3.x and finally went looking for a function or tool to do what I wanted. This add-on is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks.
  • A very helpful addon since Firefox doesn't allow any control of form history, which is essential for me. Thanks to the devs ;)
  • Since the release of Firefox 3 I have been looking for a replacement for Form History Manager and at last one is now available. It works well and at last I can again clear out rougue credit card numbers from forms. It would be nice if when defining fields for cleanup certain ones could be immediately automatically cleaned but other than that it does everything I want.
  • This is an essential add-on and should be integrated into Firefox itself.

    Adds functionalities which Firefox is missing.

    Thank you very much.
  • THANK YOU for making this absolutely essential add-on, a feature I have sorely missed since Form History Manager went defunct. Don't be dissuaded by the "experimental" status of this addon, folks. It works like a charm, with even better functionality and interface than the old FHM.
  • Thanks, and thanks again. This is one of the "never want to be without" - Addons.
  • a toolbar button,to clean the entries according to predefined rules,would be useful
  • Great addon!
  • Just saved myself having to go into the office on a Sat. by being able to get details from a form I filled out two weeks ago online!

    Suggestion for developers though, maybe search should NOT be case sensitive. Only after manually scrolling through the (LONG) list of entries did I realize that is why my searches weren't finding what I knew was there...
    Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for the review.
    With regards to the case sensitive searching: there is an option to make searching case insensitive. You can find it from within the add-on in the menubar: Tools - Options (or Ctrl-O). Just uncheck the "Searching is case sensitive" checkbox and you are ready to rock.
  • Excellent awaited tool. It works marvelous and is easy to use. A really good design!

    Just a minor thing, you should set the cursor to the next available entry after you delete an entry (or multiple ones) as now there is no selection after that so it's hard to navigate by keys.
    Hello DonGato,
    I totally agree with you suggestion and incorporated the change in version 1.0.4. In addition the focus is set back to the tree after one of the buttons is activated by key.
  • Damn good! Just one of the things You'd think: Hey just why isn't this already in the "standard" program. Thanks for implementing this "missing" feature. No trouble so far on Fx3.5b4.