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  • I installed this because it's got a more favorable license than Lazarus: Form Recovery (MPL 1.1 vs. "Freeware") and it lets me filter search queries on NSFW sites from form history... so far, it works great!

    The UI is powerful but doesn't get in my way and it does what I need it to. I'd recommend it to anyone who already uses extensions like BetterPrivacy or HistoryBlock.
  • Please, add Russian language!
    It seems that the Russian translator for my extension on babelzilla has quit. Translation is currently 78% complete.
    Please consider joining http://www.babelzilla.org yourself, the process for a localization is really simple.
  • It's fantastic and helpful to use fast in Internet with Firefox.
  • Awesome extension! This is from someone who really is a totally blind user of FireFox.
    Since the Tab key is honored as a shortcut key, he just lost a star or two from his rating.
    Tabbing is ridiculously important to me in Firefox; i can't survive without it since all of my action is done from the keyboard only!
    I can understand that using the Tab key as a shortcut might be a bad idea since it could break existing shortcuts, but that is the case for many other key-combinations not involving the Tab key.
    Out of the box, the Tab key is not configured as a shortcut. I leave it up to the user to define his own.
    So as long a user does not define shortcut key-combinations that conflict with existing ones, there should be no problem.
  • Really useful and simple privacy extension. It's easy to forget what's in your form history, but this extension makes it easy to see and modify or delete it.
  • Very useful extension. Well thought out/written and executed. One of my 'won't do without' FF extensions. Great work!
  • Trying to add a rule, I get this window with entry fields so small I can't see the first character inside the fields:


    But beside that the addon is wonderful.
    I use Noia too, and with the English translation everything looks fine. The German translation however is way larger (luckily the window is resizable).
    I am going to address this in the next release. Thanks.
  • It has lots of unexpected options that are nevertheless intuitive and easy to use. Important entries can be protected from automatic deletion. Even the number of times an entry was used can be edited.

    It's amazing to see, with the help of this add-on, what data FF keeps storing, even those data that I thought I had deleted manually from the search fields (via "highlight + del button"). Also found some entries (account numbers, etc.) that I really didn't want to see stored.

    IMO, this add-on is an absolute must for privacy conscious users. It should also get a prize for combining utmost efficiency with simplicity of use.
  • Remembers my (Many) email addresses so I don't have to type each one out on the pages I specify. Brilliant! Thank you so much!
  • Works perfectly for what I needed it for :)
  • Absolutely awesome! An application by itself. Does everything you need plus a lot more. I Use it on Mac Windows and Linux and works perfectly every time I use it.
  • Excellent - did what I needed with ease. One small problem at first, I had disabled the menu toolbar, and had to open it up again to get to 'Tools' to launch the add-on. It would help if you could make this add-on accessible via the menu that comes down from the orange Firefox tab. Thanks!
    The option to show this add-on in the new app-menu will be available in the next release. (remark: pressing the Alt key will bring up the old toolbar).
  • Small thing i noticed.Starting from Firefox 4 addons do not need to be extracted into install directory and did not do this.
    Yet extracts itself.Is this by desing or just a small oversight?
    Did not find the developers email.Otherwise i would have emailed him instead.The relevant mozilla page is here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Extensions/Updating_extensions_for_Firefox_4#XPI_unpacking
    Because this add-on uses custom icons for all its dialogs and windows, leaving the add-on unpacked may cause serious performance problems, especially on slower machines. The Mozilla add-on validator displayed a warning about this fact, so now, by design, this add-on will be extracted.
    You can find the developers email on the top right of the mozilla Form History Control add-on page where it says "E-mail your question".
  • This extension is so useful that I am actually angry at myself for not discovering it sooner. THANK YOU!!!!
  • This is an idea and execution par excellence. Thank you

    I wrote the above revue 8 years ago, and now with version II, Stephan, you have outdone yourself! Thank you.
    * * * * * *
  • Fantastic add-on. It ranks up there with Tab Mix Plus and Ad Block Plus as a must-have add-on. Especially for those of us who prefer the convenience of preserving form data history, but like an easy way to selectively remove undesirable entries without having to erase my entire form history cache.

    With over 3,000 form entries to sort through, the advanced search option is a godsend for me. I was able to narrow down my entries to specific types such as, search terms, and then "select all" to delete them en masse.

    Definite thumbs up!
  • I just downloaded the FHC addon, and I like it a lot! Great job, thank you guys!
  • Good but... I think it lucks some importand features...
    Let me know what is missing or submit a feature request (http://www.formhistory.blogspot.com/).
  • I think this awesome add-on can go stable 4 stars!
  • :-)
  • It worth to be downloaded and be ones favourite Firefox add-on!
  • looks like a useful tool what with the much reduced user control of history firefox are imposing steadily. please update as each 4.0 beta stage is reached (b6 and b7pre just now)
    Updated maxVersion to 4.0b8pre
  • Very simple and useful tool.
  • Works very nicely.
  • It is another small and simple add-on and FF should incorporate it into a future update. I put it in my "Apollo! Pack!" collection and I am recommending it!