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  • Lousy form recovery. Can't automatically fill fields nor copy text from their menu.
  • Fonctionne tel que prévu et conserve la mise en forme.
  • Live-Saver: Saves much livetime (& anger)! Easy, functional & reliable. Support (=> financial contribution) strongly recommended!
  • I'm concerned that there is no universal way to prevent this add-on from locally saving sensitive information like social security numbers, phone numbers, etc.. Yes, these sensitive fields can be manually blacklisted for any particular site, but that requires knowing the precise field name; not impossible, but cumbersome to the point of not being helpful.

    My thought is that this add-on would be more valuable for some people if it could be limited to fields where the entered test is longer than a specified number of characters. So, a user could say, "Save any field in which I type over 300 characters".

    That would side-step local saving of most sensitive data, and focus on saving long text fields that take time to compose.

    Your thoughts?



    Any progress on adding this type of option? Thanks!
    Some people dislike the fact that all large fields are saved, other people dislike the fact that all short fields are saved and most people just want everything saved.
    So I like your suggestion, I will add the option to choose what should be saved in the next upcoming release.
    Thank you for the feedback.
  • Hello Stephan and thank you for this great plugin!

    I only have one question. If i understand correctly
    the captured data are not stored in formhistory.sqlite
    file. Can you please tell me where this data is stored ?

    Thanks again
    sqlite is no longer available for add-ons, HTML5 client side storage is commonly used instead. This is implemented in Firefox using IndexedDB.
    See for instance here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/IndexedDB_API/Basic_Concepts_Behind_IndexedDB
  • 如果說你碼了幾十分鐘的字和心情突然一個關閉網頁或是斷電會而全部消失是什麼感覺?用它吧,不會讓你再有這種後悔.
  • This app is amazing! What a lifesaver when you lose the page you were working on...You can find past form entries and not have to type them again! Very impressed!
  • An excellent add-on, reliable and with a lot of options and features, just how I like it. It's one of those extensions that, over time, you forget you have installed, but when its time for it to do its job, you'll be so glad you have it there. Or get very frustrated that you forgot to install it on your new system =)
  • Buenísima extensión, te permite recuperar todo lo que has escrito en Firefox. FF 62.0.3 (64-bit)
  • A great extension however:

    1) On CentOS 7 64/Firefox 62, when I invoke various FHC windows they are empty until I resize the windows - that's kinda annoying. I'm using the dark theme but nothing changes when I switch to the default theme.

    2) Please allow to configure the data save interval (in milliseconds) - I haven't found this option anywhere.

    If you're in for alternatives, there's also https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/textarea-cache/
    Hi, thanks for the review.

    Regarding the issues you mentioned:
    1) This is actually a bug in Firefox affecting Linux users, see Bugzilla issue 1416505 (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1416505)

    2) Saving data is currently performed every 5 seconds. Doing it more often has a negative impact on overall performance because it is not the keystrokes that are saved but the entire text you are editing. So in a worst case scenario you loose at most 5 seconds worth of typing.
  • The old version (1.4) was much better!
    This new (2.0) seems to be heavier + missing that good advanced search + "delete all with same value/name" ready on right click... The old one was not saving the "message field text" and it was good! In this one I've found full mail conversations, google translate field etc etc... Pity!

    PS: just found the 1.4 ver here that works on FF 56!
    5 stars to this one!!! ;)
    Almost a complete rewrite of the original code base is necessary to migrate to the WebExtension based version. The most important bits are now done and I am currently working on the remaining features to make it as awesome as it was before, so please be patient because it is a ton of work.
  • Love it when it works. However, today I lost all data and it's not saving new entries. Haven't changed anything. Don't know what I need to do.
    Do you use cleaning or optimizing software? They can be the cause. Also downgrading your firefox profile can cause data corruption. Please checkout the FAQ and Known Issues on the Help pages of this add-on.
  • Quite possibly, the best add-on available to mankind!!!!!!
    'He's a madman!.....', 'He's drunk!...', you might be thinking???
    I'm not going to deny either....... neither are illegal, in most places...... anyway, Form History Control (+ some kind of clipboard app) are the first additions to any browser I'm going to use, I wouldn't feel safe without it!!!! These very words, for example, the potential dangers that are out there, itching to wipe every last letter out, beyond rescue, never to be heard of again.......
    They're everywhere, these 'text-takers', I suffered horrible losses, painful, heartbreaking losses that a lesser man may not have got past.......
    This was all before I found out about FHC, + just in time it was, too, I was probably one textual tragedy away from really getting angry......... + you wouldn't like me when I'm angry............
    There's a fair chance, you wouldn't like me when I'm happy as Larry + at one with Mother Earth........ let's just say I was tired of something happening that wound up with what I'd been writing, disappearing + staying that way.
    That crushing loss is a thing of the past, the psychotic rage, that would often accompany it, is gone, too, for the most part........ It's true to say, FHC can improve your health + all around sense of well-being........ more controversially, it makes you more intelligent, better looking + more attractive to women...... It did for me, anyway, perhaps I was just lucky?...?.... but that's how it was, I kid you not!
    It works, + it even tells you how to go about using it, a 'user guide' type vibe is provided which as ridiculous as though it might sound, that's often not the case..... Add-ons that work, as well as try to ensure you'll be able to use them, go a long way to earning my love + admiration, neither of which I dish out like confetti.........
    Form History Control rocks + it rocks hard, if you've not got it on board already, then get a grip of yourself, pull yourself together, + go + do something about it!
    It does a bunch of stuff I've not even touched upon so you'll have to look into that yourself, I'm not going to do it all for you........ you're not on your Dad's yacht........
    Wow! and amen to that,
    you just made my day!!