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  • Great idea but I would really like to control the time. 25min is too short for me.
  • great addon but need more features, for example blacklist all
  • I understand that this is a relatively barebones version, but allowing the app to sync with the browser and vice versa would certainly help.

    If I enable forest on my Pixel, I shouldn't have to enable a separate timer on in my browser so that I can't use Reddit.

    Done properly, this could also eliminate the "dead tree upon browser close" problem.
  • Bem legal.
  • Perhaps it could show a prompt with a warning at attempt to close the browser, while a tree is growing?
  • since it's the only real Focus-Add-on for Firefox at the moment, the developers should put some more effort in it.
    1. I want the possibility to grow the tree automatically, when I'm starting

    2. It should be possible to grow the tree for a longer time or several trees in a row (I need longer times to focus on my work)

    3. The shouldn't be killed, just because I have closed my browser.
  • Excelente. En mi máquina con Linux 64bits funciona correctamente. Podrá incluir versión en español?
  • Doesn't work in the 64bit version, it seems. I installed the add-on and I can find it in the add-on list. But there is no button to work with it.
  • Very useful add-on
  • Pop-up window is annoying a little, because I can't remove it myself after I've seen it, I have to wait untill it disapperars.
  • Great app! But when I closed firefox, the tree was killed:(
  • Some how this developer has a logical enough mind to learn how to code and make firefox addons. Unfortunately the developer cant figure out how to make the timer work while firefox is minimized. On OSX if you minimize firefox the addon is suspended and the timer freezes untill opend agian. Instead of using an actual dumb count down timer the developer should use the computers date and time or internet date and time to create a timer that expires at a set date/time so that its not intuerupted by the app being suspended while minimized. IE make an alarm clock that does not depend on the ad-on constantly running.
  • I really like how this app make you accountable for procrastinating without physically barring you from using webpages. It's also quite nice getting a forest to show for all your hard work. As it's linked to the app, could you maybe make it so you can plant different trees? Thank you!
  • this add on is new and great to use for ppl with internet addiction like me...hatsoff to the great work !!