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  • Gold earned in the add-on isn't synced with or transferred to the app account, even though when time is completed in the add-on it says "you have earned xx gold". The gold amount isn't updated even if I manually sync the add-on just after earning more gold. Either take away that message from the add-on or get the sync to work properly!!
  • i mean it's cool i just also wish the sync was better like everyone else
  • Awesome mobile/firefox extension sync. Simple and effective.
  • Great idea but after 10 minutes websites was no longer blocked for no reason...
  • Works wonderful! Black list and white list for URLs can be used in a focussing period.

    The add-on can distort the statistics of the focussing time. It doesn't check, if there was a cycle going on on the mobile when you finish in firefox.
    So if you want to plant a tree between 1pm and 2pm, start the growing on phone and firefox at the same time you will get 2 trees and 2 hours of focussing which is kind of not whats really happens.

    It would be awesome if sync would work down to a level, where I can start a cycle on my phone and the extension in firefox knows whats up and shows me the time and blocks what I want to be blocked.
  • Stopped blocking a few minutes after planting the tree. Platform: Firefox developer edition 57.0b11. Linux 4.12.13-1-ARCH.

    Adding regex matching for URL will be helpful.
  • This is a great idea. I get so easily distracted that I closed my Facebook account to be more productive, yet I still get distracted. This should really help.
  • After some updates, the addon works like a charm. You now have the option to choose between a white- or blacklist, whichever suits you more. During that time, you are forced to stay on specified sites or your tree will die.
    Thanks to the devs for this awesome addon.
  • I was pretty skeptical about the app at first, but this has really improved my focusing. I have ADHD so I am constantly doing things I shouldn't and this extension reminds me that I have a job to finish.
  • Podem baixar , funciona!!
  • Thank you for making this app. And thank you for also making it freely available :-D It would be great if the timers on my phone and computer would be synced.
  • Ideal para mantenerse enfocado
  • Its great to keep me from distracted.
  • Great idea but I would really like to control the time. 25min is too short for me.
  • great addon but need more features, for example blacklist all
  • I understand that this is a relatively barebones version, but allowing the app to sync with the browser and vice versa would certainly help.

    If I enable forest on my Pixel, I shouldn't have to enable a separate timer on in my browser so that I can't use Reddit.

    Done properly, this could also eliminate the "dead tree upon browser close" problem.
  • Bem legal.
  • Perhaps it could show a prompt with a warning at attempt to close the browser, while a tree is growing?
  • since it's the only real Focus-Add-on for Firefox at the moment, the developers should put some more effort in it.
    1. I want the possibility to grow the tree automatically, when I'm starting

    2. It should be possible to grow the tree for a longer time or several trees in a row (I need longer times to focus on my work)

    3. The shouldn't be killed, just because I have closed my browser.