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  • The application is great, I love the timer itself and I love that there are cute little trees to plant as well as an actual tree you are able to plant and help a community. I do wish however that the browser extension had a rest timer like the mobile app does, and a full screen tab similar to other pomodoros I've used in the past.
  • It's very helpful.
    I use the Whitelist option as I only want access to a couple sites while I need to study so I don't get distracted.
    Noticed that I have to first activate the forest session and then navigate to websites I want to block otherwise nothing is blocked.

    I also installed forest on my cellphone the only thing is, is that I can hit the home button and it doesn't prevent me from doing so. If I hit the back button to exit the app then it warns me that I'll lose my tree.
  • I love the feature that it does not allow me to be distracted rather makes a pop up with a button to "give up".
    I love it
  • GOOD. пользуюсь постоянно.
  • 我理解中的黑名单应该是“你如果试图造访这些网站你的树就得死!”,然后试过多次后发现实际上除了白名单和附加组件、设置之类的网页以外的所有网页都一视同仁,除非主动放弃,树就不会死,哪怕是黑名单的网页。
  • 非常好用的时间管理工具
  • Gold earned in the add-on isn't synced with or transferred to the app account, even though when time is completed in the add-on it says "you have earned xx gold". The gold amount isn't updated even if I manually sync the add-on just after earning more gold. Either take away that message from the add-on or get the sync to work properly!!
  • i mean it's cool i just also wish the sync was better like everyone else
  • Awesome mobile/firefox extension sync. Simple and effective.
  • Great idea but after 10 minutes websites was no longer blocked for no reason...