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  • Very useful and engaging so far. Helping to concentrate but will not be enough on its own.
  • The sync works well between my phone and firefox add in. But I would like it to remain floating and visible while I am working. I would also like to hear a noise when the timer completes.
  • Please add sounds for time is over. And a sound for short breaks too, it's very important!

    And please, add a option to block all the internet, except the whitelist.
  • I totally love this app: very useful, easy to use, intuitive, pretty design, nice project and since I bought the premium version I can use it on pc having a white\black list and it's super. The only pity is that the add-on doesn't make sound when time's up...please implemente that, it's very important because several times I didn't notice my tree was already planted.
  • Blacklist works but the whitelist is broken. Firefox 60.2.2esr (32-bit), Windows 7
  • The unique mechanism makes Forest much more effective than other similar addons. You feel bad for "killing" the tree if you give in to temptation, and the addon doesn't make it easy to do so. If you try to visit a blacklisted site, rather than simply killing the tree or being redirected, the site will be greyed-out and Forest will remind you of your fragile, growing tree; if you aren't ashamed that you even thought of it at this point, you'll have to click a button labeled "give up" to access your poison. On the other hand, if you're able to stay on task until the timer runs out, you get a happy little tree as a reward. Great if you need a little extra help staying away from social media, games, or any other online vices.
  • Extrêmement utile pour éviter de regarder son téléphone toute les 2 secondes !