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  • Awesome! I love Forest, and the browser extension is a helpful friend whenever I feel like planting a tree in my browser 🌳

    Possible improvements: The sync to my mobile app should be automatic rather than manual and I wish the extension would play a little sound whenever I finish a session.
  • It is great but it should have more explanation on its instructions. I didn't know that I I didn't have to list all websites in the blacklist. The other reviewer is right. The whole internet is a distraction. I use the whitelist option only.
  • facile à utiliser et motivant mais dommage que ce soit lié à l'appli et qu'il faille un compte payant pour voir sa foret grandir ..
  • 希望能像app一样,可以设定休息时间
  • Have been using along with the mobile app for a long time. also purchased premium.
  • like it a lot! needs some ux improvements (the tooltip i choose time and tree from always confuses me - i want to change time and change tree or the other way around)"
  • só faltar ser português
  • very good app for productivity my only problem is that you must buy the paid version of $1.99 one time payment which isn't bad but still. there is still the problem of having to make a really good blacklist cause theoretically the whole goddamn internet can be distracting.