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  • só faltar ser português
  • very good app for productivity my only problem is that you must buy the paid version of $1.99 one time payment which isn't bad but still. there is still the problem of having to make a really good blacklist cause theoretically the whole goddamn internet can be distracting.
  • Très pratique est fonctionnel, cela aide ceux qui comme moi n'arrive jamais à rester concentré ! Vraiment je recommande !
  • would be nice for extension to make sound when tree is grown
  • Very useful and engaging so far. Helping to concentrate but will not be enough on its own.
  • The sync works well between my phone and firefox add in. But I would like it to remain floating and visible while I am working. I would also like to hear a noise when the timer completes.
  • Please add sounds for time is over. And a sound for short breaks too, it's very important!

    And please, add a option to block all the internet, except the whitelist.
  • I totally love this app: very useful, easy to use, intuitive, pretty design, nice project and since I bought the premium version I can use it on pc having a white\black list and it's super. The only pity is that the add-on doesn't make sound when time's up...please implemente that, it's very important because several times I didn't notice my tree was already planted.