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  • I helps me focus at work and it's great that I can sync it with my phone so I can focus on both devices and collect coins.
  • Excellent. Would it be possible to get the option to set a rest timer after the tree has been planted ? Just like the mobile app. It would really help my day to day.
  • Precisa melhorar o tamanho da tela na hora da configuração.
  • Great way to stay productive, I've found better results while using it on whitelist. However I'd add an option to have a loop option with breaks between each time.
  • Awesome! I love Forest, and the browser extension is a helpful friend whenever I feel like planting a tree in my browser 🌳

    Possible improvements: The sync to my mobile app should be automatic rather than manual and I wish the extension would play a little sound whenever I finish a session.
  • It is great but it should have more explanation on its instructions. I didn't know that I I didn't have to list all websites in the blacklist. The other reviewer is right. The whole internet is a distraction. I use the whitelist option only.