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  • great app love the synch across my devices but my major complain while using the firefox addon is that here is very little sound when the alarm comes off after my study session and break. I am unknowingly not tracing my progress without a proper notification. please update the addon to include customized alarms or volume.
  • I helps me focus at work and it's great that I can sync it with my phone so I can focus on both devices and collect coins.
  • Excellent. Would it be possible to get the option to set a rest timer after the tree has been planted ? Just like the mobile app. It would really help my day to day.
  • Precisa melhorar o tamanho da tela na hora da configuração.
  • Great way to stay productive, I've found better results while using it on whitelist. However I'd add an option to have a loop option with breaks between each time.