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Great extension Sid. However I have some suggestions:
- Enabling the options button in the add-ons list so users will be able to remove the "Force TLS Configuration" tools menu entry if they want.
- Adding editing capabilities for each entry.
- Adding an option for creating and editing entries, which, for 2ndlevel.1stlevel , www.2ndlevel.1stlevel and www#.2ndlevel.1stlevel adresses, makes inherit the same setting than the adress entry containing 2ndlevel.1stlevel pair (or more levels) whatever the form the adress has, avoiding some potentially redudant duplicate entries.
- Adding import and export list buttons.
- Enabling Force-TLS to translate URLs to custom https URL, i.e., if I create an entry en.wikipedia.org , Force-TLS cannot translate it to its equivalent https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/

Thx in advance.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.0). 

Thanks for the ideas

Hi strelnic. Thanks for the ideas! The next version of the add-on should have the options/preferences button enabled. I'm not sure why you'd want editing capabilities, since really you either force a site or not. Import/Export are a fine idea, and I'll try to get that into an upcoming version.

With respect to the site-rewriting rules, the Strict-Transport-Security specification doesn't provide for these, and this add-on is made for that spec. I probably won't be adding that functionality. HTTPS-Everywhere does this.