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Política de privacidad

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users is of highest importance to us. We do not collect any sensitive personal information. Below we explain to what extent information may be collected when using the FootieFox Software.

Data we collect

(1) The FootieFox Software contacts our servers regularily to automatically refresh data (such as match information, team names, leagues, etc.) and ensure smooth operation of the software. As usual for web requests of any kind, these server requests contain the IP address, the operating system, the browser type, the browser language and the date and time of the request. This information does not contain any sensitive personal information. As it is common for most web servers, this data may be retained in our servers' log files.

(2) One major feature of the FootieFox Software is to directly forward the user to additional information (such as match reports, team information, etc.) on our cooperation partners' websites. Respective links are for instance available through team icons in the status bar, goal sliders, several context menus, banners and toolbar buttons that depict our partners' logo. To forward the user to the appropriate website the request is dispatched by the servers of ROCKET RENTALS GmbH ("ROCKET RENTALS"). For successful processing of the request more data than the standard information described in (1) has to be communicated to and registered by the ROCKET RENTALS servers: The ID of the link which was clicked, the ID of the selected cooperation partner, the ID of the selected match, the abbreviation of the selected language package and where required the ID of the selected team.

(3) To balance the load of our servers and to optimize the speed of our service by means of statistics we ask our users at the installation for permission to create a random serial number and to transmit this serial number regularily and when exchanging data as described in (1) and (2). Of course, this data does not contain any sensitive personal information and cannot be traced back. The approval can be revoked by the user at any time in the update tab of the options dialog.

Websites of Third Parties

The FootieFox Software contains links to websites of our cooperation partners. ROCKET RENTALS is not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of these websites. We ask our users to carefully review the privacy policies of our cooperation partners, too.

Changes in Privacy Policy

ROCKET RENTALS may change this privacy policy with respect to applicable law from time to time. Changes will be posted on this site.

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