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While I love the ability to mark certain messages for followup -- which this extension does using a right click and the context menu -- there's still much to be done to make the add-on truly useful. If would have been nice to have known that there's a setup wizard (which really doesn't do much). The caution that the tool bar buttons have to be added manually was apt and appreciated, but it did not address the fact that we're promised a Followup "toolbar." Well, you can add it that to Thunderbird manually, too, if you want to. (Note: All the toolbar icons for this add-on are of the "large" nature. No small icon is offered. If you're in need of on-screen real estate, just stick with the context menu. It's all there.) The task/event feature needs work. "Follow-up 1 email" doesn't tell me anything. The subject line of the email should be captured. The task/event does not link to the message in question. Why bother with this functionality? It's quicker to check though a message list to find the highlighted message(s). You have to do so anyhow, since all you'd know is there is an unnamed email to followup. The tags are also useless ("Follow-up" and a date for all messages marked for the same date). Top marks for the highlighting (which is why I'm keeping the add-on installed). The rest needs a thorough conceptual rethink, better integration with Thunderbird's functionality, and more attention to true usability would be appreciated. Then you'd be keeping your promises.