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If Tony Stark doesn’t have the Iron Suit, he won’t become a superhero. And I discover that Firefox and its add-ons are my “Iron Suit” helping me on my working and learning on gigantic Internet knowledge world.
I’m trying to use a lot of add-ons however what I like the most is Flashgot. Originally, with 400 kb and download for free, Flashgot’s effects actually overwhelm its size. It not only helps users to gather all links what they need to download in one second but also gives them a choice to manage the files because classification ability is an undeniable advantage of Flashgot. Another power of “Iron suit” Flashgot is that it can deal with every site even with the complicated security system. Just need an easy single click, I save a lot of searching time via FIashgot which always makes me satisfied when using.
Thank for Firefox to bring me an experience to use Flashgot. I’m a permanent big fan of Firefox and Flashgot because of its fantastic functions, beautiful designs and the most important is always FREE!

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