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¿Por qué se creó flaminglow?

Sometime after releasing my Arctic Glow theme I recieved an email to do a similar one in pink but not TOO pink.
I immediatedly thought of flamingoes for their striking range of colors from tangerine to purple.

Cuál es el futuro de flaminglow

I will be releasing my themes on Firefox 4 soon and then resuming Thunderbird support.

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Nombre glowplug
Ubicación Lake Macquarie, Australia
Ocupación Self Employed
Usuario desde March 5, 2007
Número de complementos desarrollados 14 complementos
Calificación media de sus complementos Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

¿Quién es glowplug?

I started Firefox theming in 2005 as a way to put something back into the "Open Source Community".<br>That was glowyred and I got a lot of requests to do it in blue, green, pink, purple etc.<br>In doing glowyblue and glowygreen I learnt a lot of things that meant I had to deprecate glowyred in favour of a new theme that became glowywine.<br><br>Since then I have created glowygold, Arctic Glow and flaminglow.<br>I've made each of these fairly monotonous for a number of reasons.<br><br>I set a goal to have all my themes on Firefox 4 by March 2011 which I have achieved.<br>I also promised to resume support for Thunderbird and as at 2nd of March 2011 have submitted each for AMO approval.<br><br>It has been quite a work load to achieve this but a challenge I have enjoyed.<br>I hope many of you get similar satisfaction from the results.<br><br>At this stage I am cross testing with Firefox and Thunderbird Extensions for issues such as readability.