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  • It is indeed a good theme

  • This is Our National Flag We Love Our Country So That's Why We Love This Theme Too

  • its look good on the top of browser

  • This is cool!!!

  • Thanks for providing a wonderfully stylized flag for this marvelous country rather than something that would fly over an embassy. This theme is beautiful.

  • The indian flag listed here is incorrect. All three color strips are of equal size. The wheel is in center of the flag and placed on the middle white strip. I hope you will correct it as per its dignity.

  • Good Theme ... Jai Hind

  • I always proved to be an indian. I LOVE INDIA...
    Thanks 4 providing This Flag Theme...

  • The great india

  • My firefox and my country

  • the best!

  • nice to have my country's flag in firefox persona