FireFTP not working with FF22? Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

HELP! I have reinstalled FF after their latest update and now I can't import my fireFTPsites.dat and I have zero access to all my clients servers. (I'm a web designer). I could go back and reinstall all of them one by one but that will take forever and a lot of searching through old records.

I FOLLOWED the instructions given to others on the reviews page but i still can not recover access. Can you give instructions to an old version of Firefox to get this to work? Or can another FTP program out there import my fireFTPsites.dat? This has been such a good program in the past, it would be a shame if this is the end!

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Sorry for the long delay in response:

I have a tool available now to fix the files that are affected by the gSiteManager problem.
Then click "I can't add accounts - all of my accounts are a gone and I'm seeing an error saying gSiteManager is undefined"
to see a tool that will allow you to convert the file properly.

Hope that helps!