Why I am using FireFTP Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

1. FileZila support synchonized browsing (you open your local DIR - remote one is automaticaly opened without any your additional action). / ! I was wrong: there are synch browsing. ! /
2. FileZila have option "Overwrite if source file is newer" and that is great. Couldn't find the same in FireFTP.
3. But... why I like FireFTP: the only FTP client that I could find so far, that support cyrillic (probably all unicode charatcetrs too) on the Lynux remote server! Now you can work with the same normal names (DIR or FILE) instead of names -> abracadabra.Thanks to developer.

<deleted>Maybe first 2 issues could be added?</deleted>
Maybe the second issue could be added?

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Option 1 is available with FireFTP actually :) Go to your account's settings under the Connection tab and setup 'Keep directories in sync while navigating'
I'll consider Option 2 for future versions.

Glad to hear the Unicode support is going well for you!

Cheers :)