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My First Firefox Persona

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Funny Foxcat

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Tribute to Firefox

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A Very Striking theme

Looks great. Whether it works as a daily use theme is doubtful as it's hard to read bookmarks, headings etc but as I said, it looks great. If you know your Firefox layout well or have some kind of distinct avatar/icon system this could work for you. For me, as much as I like the overall impact of the design I'd be inclined to use an all round darker version as my daily theme - if this could be converted to a black/grey metallic wet paint look I'd be all over this. (Ie convert the white to a dark grey and give everything a 3d metallic look, the paint splashes some features to resemble a black metallic wet paint, nothing drastic, subtle to match aero and lift the flatness.
Still it's not my persona, maybe I should make my own before telling others how to make theirs :)

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