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Jeremy Morton

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¿Por qué se creó Firefox 3 Aero theme for Firefox 4+?

Although Firefox 4 is generally a nice improvement over Firefox 3, I felt that the dramatic change to a minimalist and less colorful theme was a bit of a backwards step for those of us who liked the themes of earlier Firefox versions. I therefore decided to try and capture the Firefox 3 look and feel, whilst being able to use Firefox 4, as best I could.

A few new icons needed to be invented for new functionality in Firefox 4, but as much as possible, icons and images from the Firefox 3 theme have been used unchanged in order to provide the look and feel of this theme for Firefox 4. This is an Aero version of the theme since it was requested by some users!

Cuál es el futuro de Firefox 3 Aero theme for Firefox 4+

Keeping this theme free of bugs is paramount! So, if you notice any problems with the theme, feel free to contact me about them. Contact details are on the theme's website at:

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