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  • I like this theme very much, i hate when mozilla push me to use his default design. Firefox is great but only when we can setup what we need not what we must get. Mozilla stop to work like M$. Take a look what users are using, take a look what theme they're using (1.04 reloaded is on first page on retro tab) and then make upgrades. Now i have to use disable compatibility check addon to use my fav theme.
  • I really love this theme. Unfortunately, though it says it's compatible with FireFox 20.0, FireFox disagrees and won't let it install.
  • I love it
  • Ik haal deze steeds weer terug. Zo net leek het er op dat er een incompatibiliteit met de vorige update was maar dat was gelukkig van korte duur. Prima werk!

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Bedankt voor je review! Het duurde inderdaad bij de release van Firefox 16 iets langer, maar dat kwam voornamelijk omdat het even duurde voordat de update 'live' stond :-)
  • Excellent! Good! Brilliant!
  • Could you make the add-on bar narrower when people are using status-4-eva?

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    I don't fully understand your question. Is the add-on bar too tall (when Status4Evar is enabled/active)? Please describe it in further detail on the add-on's project page, so that I can help you out.
  • I prefer this theme over all available others, but there is at least one long-time bug. With the default theme in FF5, 6, 7, and 8, mouse cursor 'hover' over a URL will display the web address with a white background. For that small text block, the web page text is thus hidden, but URL text is readable. If I choose the 'Reloaded' theme, the same 'hover' will display the web address with a clear background, thus over-writing web page text and rendering the URL and a small portion of web page text mostly unreadable. To see the URL text, I need to scroll up or down slightly until the displayed URL text is over a blank spot on that web site.

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Thanks for reporting this bug, it has been fixed in version 0.9.9.
    Please report your findings/bugs on the blog/website instead, as bugs can be fixed more easily (and quicker) by keeping them in one place.
  • for Firefox 4+, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Development Channel". Sooo nice to be able to upgrade to Firefox 7. I had been waiting for this theme to support my switch because I hate everything FF have done with the interface since 2.

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
  • When will there be an update to work under FF 4? (of cos with the same layout if possible!) LOVE this theme, can't do without it and actually wait to upgrade FF4 because of this ;o)
  • What tru hh is said is SPOT ON. I love this theme with all my heart.

    Also: Do you think you could update this for Firefox 4 compatibility?

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    Sure, I'll start working on a FF 4 version soon. Expect a version out for Firefox 4 a couple weeks after the launch of Firefox 4. Meanwhile check the development versions from the repository on the theme project website.
  • This looks so much better. Thanks!!

    Now if I just could get the separate menus for back and forward buttons again.
  • Very nice, uncluttered, and icons I can see.
  • I'm sorry for the Firefox 3 theme guys but this just looks better :)
  • Cool theme. I combine this theme and
    and create my super firefox

    And i add description, but it on russian
  • Yes, this is the very best theme ever made for firefox.

    Thank you
  • Attention. This theme does not grey out the empty websearch box & address bar in FF 3.6. There was a change in the XUL for textboxes which now don't have the empty attribute anymore, but isempty instead. So instead of textbox[empty="true"], you need to use textbox[isempty="true"].

    This needs to be changed in the global/textbox.css file in the theme directory (those "in the know" know where that is).

    Personally I tweak the theme in its Windows flavor even more by changing the top main menu highlight to solid color as was common in FF2 when used with "Windows Classic style". Also for some reason the dropdown buttons near every dropdown text input are missing on Windows which I mega loathe and have to change back to normal in every update of this ratchet theme.

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    The textbox feature has been fixed for quite some time now, in case you/others were still wondering if the bug still existed.
  • Good work!

    But the icon for "full screen look very wierd on my computer.

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    Fixed in version 0.9.9, released November 2011.
  • Works flawlessly.

    But it's not completely FF2: Navigation Toolbar's URL box is the new one with the (1) yellow background, (2) the large site logo, and (3) the Favorites star. I want to get rid of those and can't turn them off so I'll try some other theme.

    Also, the (4) "+" tab for New Tab doesn't fall in with how I tend to open tabs -- I seem to always open tabs from a link or list, and use new windows for blanks -- so I want to get rid of that too.

    This is just a small note to anyone looking for a 100% pure FF2 experience, the last really uncluttered and efficient browser interface. Putting my minor caveats aside, this is a high quality theme. Kudos!

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Thanks for your review Tommy.

    I'm really aware of the fact that the address bar doesn't look like the old FF2 interface. But I think that, as one of the most important feature of FF3-3.5 is the Awesome bar and the fast bookmarking (using the star), those features should be in the theme.

    So my approach has been: if an user interface implements a new feature I kept it in the theme.

    Anyway, most of the issues you found magically disappears once you install the oldbar extension. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6227


  • I like the new "+" icon to open a new tab. I disagree with Giskard about the space between the bookmarks. The overwiew is much better in v0.9.6.
  • In the new version 0.9.6 there is too many space between the various bookmarks (WinXP), so the list is longer. Since I don't like it, I switch back to 0.9.5 that I really like it. Hope that this problem will be fix in the next release. Thanks, great work!
  • Absolutely a huge fan of the original FF2 theme, though I recall it as being more with a yellow tint.
    Well, I'm very satisfied with this in spite of my probably faulty recollection.
    Big thanks to the developer who has kept this theme up-to-date!
  • I love this theme! I've never used ff 2, but this is a great theme!
  • I love this theme! I've never used ff 2, but this is a great theme!
  • One of my favorite themes ever used in a browser. Still one of the finest themes for Firefox. *4.5-out-of-5 spicy meat-a-balls*
  • The reviewer on August 24 *might* have been talking about this: http://yfrog.com/3tff2themeg

    I mean, it's a little annoying for the menu text to be smaller and oddly indented. If he was talking about something else, I don't know...