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I like minimalistic software, so this is right up my street... Thanks a lot to the creator!
There's only two issues:
1) The icon puts itself on the far right side of the main toolbar and can neither be dragged around (although it's possible to drag the other icons *around* it) or removed altogether. Note: I have plenty of other addons installed, so this might be the result of addons clashing.
2) There seems to be no option to change the keyboard shortcut ALT+C, which is may already be used depending on the Firefox interface language (e.g., it's used for browsing history in German Firefox).
Other than that, great add-on.

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Thanks for a review...

1) the icon can be moved around in the "edit toolbars" mode of the browser. View -> Toolbars -> Customize ...

2) I suggest running Fire Commander in a standalone window (or as a xulrunner app via "firefox -app /path/to/firecommander/application.ini); this way, its keyboard shortcuts won't interfere with Browser's shortcuts. Alt + drive letter is an industry standard for drive-change operation in Windows two-pane file managers...