Does it actually do anything with Firefox 22? Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

How do you use the Firefox add-on? Is this not working with Firefox 22? There are no options, buttons, or menu items. I even tried to manually add a feed from a site thinking maybe Feedly would just show up as an option on the "Subscribe to this feed using" menu but that wasn't the case either. I do have an account that I set up on the Cloud viewer but I was hoping the Firefox add-on would simplify things and let me add feeds right from the sites but it doesn't seem to do anything at the moment.
UPDATE: OK, I found the button but all it does is take me to the Cloud player. Is this all it is supposed to do? I was hoping it would at least make it easy to add feeds right from sites. It seems a bit pointless at the moment.