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Ok, so firefox refused to start with my current profile anymore and I had this regularly created FEBE backup. Just restore the profile and good to go, right?

Hell, no.

After restoring profile I had my extensions and some of them even had their settings. eg. stylish and foxyproxy seem to be working. However

- session lost
- firefox preferences lost
- FEBE settings lost - yeah, soo awesome
- TMP preferences lost
- personas lost
- password hasher settings lost

Next time I will use tar for backups :s

And no, the profile was not corrupted at the time of backup.

The backup does not even contain session data so it obviously cannot be restored, corrupted or not.

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A FEBE restore is only as good as its backup. If you backup a corrupted profile, the restored one will still be corrupted.

Using tar will result in the same thing.