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~I'm dying for a chrome version of this, does anyone know of an alternative for chrome since it doesn't look like this dev has a chrome version?~
This addon is completely awsome for people who have to reinstall ff, get new computer, reformat computer, wipe computer, restore computer, etc... <br>All of your extension xpi files are saved in a folder on your computer along with a html file that shows a list of all files with links to the homepages which is completely AWSOME. This was brilliant to include this nice list that includes the links to the devs homepage, when you install a bunch of addons you might forget what some of the extensions are are or forget exactly what they do or you might want to review it before reinstalling or see what other extensions are available from same dev and this makes it so easy. And all of the files are stored on your computer you can easily attatch &save your extensions in your email and can either attatch the xpi files &/or the 1 html file so you don't have a bunch of files and easily install and share the same addons to any computer you want. This is not an app you need to use all of the time but it sure does make a difference if you've ever had to reinstall ff and lost most of your addons you know what I mean when i say this is very useful.

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