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After upgrading to FF3.6, I had the "unresponsive script" problem described some posts bellow. The solution worked, but I discovered it quite late, so there occurred 6 or 7 failed attempts at making the addon work. The setting of FEBE for the number of old backups to keep was 3. So, what happened, was that I lost all older backups. On top of it, FEBE apparently uses a deletion procedure which by-passes the recycle bin and which makes the files unrecoverable. Apparently, this is a modality of deletion which dates back to the birth of Windows NT OS, as per the description which I found in a Wayback Machine of the old Rusinovich's Sysinternals forum: "Only files deleted from the Explorer GUI end up being placed there [recycle bin]. Any files zapped from a command window or from within a program are lost forever.".
Therefore, I politely ask the author to either 1. make FEBE sufficiently smart such as to be able to make the difference between a "backup" as a completed process, as opposed to a failed attempt at a backup; or 2. to send the deleted files to the recycle bin, as is the rule with modern Windows OSs. I tried without success 5 or 6 file undelete/recovery programs, including Sysinternal's own FileRestore, until I found the explanation above, which kind of closed the problem. At any rate, thank you for the useful tool, and congratulations for it.

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