The Mother of all Extensions - a life saver! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

My firefox is pimped with more than 30 extensions, all crucial for me. The headache of having to reinstall firefox together with some 30+ addons and on top of that the Sisyphean work of configuring each single addon is unimaginable - a sure way to burn a day away. so I needed the sense of security that it would be possible to backup my whole firefox (all addons and all preferences). I gave FEBE a try at duplicating my firefox from my desktop pc to my laptop. There're quite a few people that wrote bad reviews so my expectations weren't high. At first try it only saved the installations for the extensions. after figuring out that I need to select the backup "full profile" in FEBE's options I managed to get FEBE to generate a single file that contained all my addons and all my preferences. so maybe this is where FEBE wasn't user friendly enough for some reviewers that gave it a low rating. FEBE works great you just need to know how to use it but you don't need to be a genius for that. afaik FEBE is the only extension that allows entire backup of firefox, it does the job without a flaw and for that it's a definite 10! mozilla should promote it in the main addons page since no other extension nor firefox itself offer the ability to backup what so much promotes: the customization of your own firefox.
I found only 2 drawbacks. they weren't enough imo to affect the rank i gave FEBE but still, it'd be nice if the developer address them:
1) after installing FEBE 5.1.1 here in the mozilla website, i found that FEBE's website had a version a bit more advanced.
2) FEBE saved the firefox addons and preferences in a single .fbu file so i had to start>run firefox -p to get the profiles menu, create a 'temporary' profile and install febe there just so i could use febe to restore the saved .fbu file into the 'default' firefox profile. maybe it can be possible in future versions to make this process shorter or more automatic?

The bottom line is that FEBE is a must for anyone with more than 3 addons that are highly configurable - let alone someone like me with over 30. That's a great job done on this addon! Truly useful !!!

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (5.1.1).